Posted on Jul 26, 2019

Swimwear: A 'bathing' industry


Swimwear, a ‘buoyant’ category in textile printing

In previous years, swimwear has been recognised as one of the strongest growth categories in the global Fashion Industry. The growing popularity of beach culture and water sports, ease of travel to beach destinations and the growing attention to health and fitness in the era of social media, are the main causes for this growth, elevating swimwear from its summer-essential status to a year-round must-have in every wardrobe.

Textile printing extended its root and entered the shelf of the swimwear making it a growth category in the world of fashion. As a result, swimwear designers have been powered to focus more greatly on creativity and production to meet the sharp consumer’s demand. Swimwear collections have also been presented into the standing labels of designers of other categories who now wish to bring in their aesthetic to one that has become a main force in fashion. As more swimwear labels enter the market, designers are also kept on their toes to produce swimwear in fresher, more flattering designs and silhouettes along with the innovative use of materials and craftsmanship.

‘Sink’ or ‘swim’

The growth of dye sublimation printing market is witnessing several moves by mainstream print companies. All thanks to the uninterrupted surge in demand that is driving the development of larger presses, stimulating, in turn, a new generation of industrial high-end printers. Of late, a host of new and improved inks, media, hardware and software have been introduced to fuel dye sublimation printing technology and play a larger role in the textile industry.

From the garment sub-segments, the 2018 research indicates that sportswear (the leading segment by value globally in 2018) and swimwear, women’s and men’s fashion, within garment are the larger and fastest-growing segments, after fashion.

Swimwear will represent 14% of the value of the garment dye sublimation market in 2023. (Hayward, 2018) - Learn more by reading this eBook.

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