Posted on Jul 27, 2019

Pigments are the 'new black'


Solvents are getting ‘diluted’

Solvents play a main part in industrial production: they can dissolve, dilute, and absorb other substances without changing them chemically. Solvents (sometimes also called dissolvents) are mostly used in the paints and varnishes, printing inks, and adhesives industry but also, for example, as an ingredient of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and detergents. Due being substances that cause unpleasant odours, explosive vapours, as well as health and nefarious environmental impact they have been increasingly targeted by the legislature.

Printing technologies

The severe downfall in the overall printing industry due to a closure of newspaper printing, rise of e-books and advertisers increasingly using other media to reach consumers has massively affected the printing ink market. Though, this downfall has paved the way for innovative technological developments and growing demand for digital inks. The evolution of digital printing has brought in new demands on the pigments with explicit requirements like a quality of dispersion, viscosity and consistency. Today, the worldwide dye industry is encountering some of the major challenges of all times – demand for organic pigments and strict rules over textile printing industry, are just some of the examples. And while, colours wouldn’t fade away from the face of the world, harsh objections from all quarters of the society for harmless dyes and pigments has led the industry with just one resolution—Evolve!

Pigments all the way through profitability and sustainability

Pigment is nevertheless on balance a strong opportunity for the digital textile printing industry to increase its market share. The ability to print on a much wider range of substrates than the polyester-base of dye sublimation – including naturals like cotton and higher-value natural materials – will be important, as stated in this eBook we created. Pigment printing also has less waste and fewer production stages.

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