Posted on Aug 13, 2019

E-commerce a $20bn market for corrugated packaging 📦


On-demand boxes save money, enhance customer experience

When speaking about the relationship between e-commerce and packaging, the discussion usually comes down to physical pack. Frequently ignored is the innovation taking place around packaging equipment to meet the specialized needs of this channel. Though traditional distribution channels encompass large volumes of similar-sized packages, e-commerce requires extreme flexibility, especially in terms of secondary or tertiary packaging. Shipping cases may be constructed of heavier material to help the package withstand the 30+ touches it may undergo during distribution; void fill or insulation may be required; and case or bag sizes may need to be changed on-the-fly, among other considerations. One category of machines that has sprung up in response to e-tailers’ need to optimize shipping-case sizes is on-demand boxmaking equipment, which can custom-manufacture boxes to fit each individual order size. Advantages of this technology include reduced warehouse space for premade boxes, lower shipping costs, reduced corrugated and void fill usage, and greater protection for products that fit snugly in their shipping case. (Packsize, 2013) There are currently several manufacturers of this equipment as NS MULTI+.

Corrugated cardboard – an ‘inside-of-the-box’ solution

As online purchasing grows, so does the importance of packaging. Corrugated packaging material helps you meet the demand for impactful customer experiences – and find greener alternatives to meet today’s sustainability challenges. Online retail is a game-changer across a huge variety of sectors. Traditional retailers and online players alike are fighting for consumers’ attention while striving to make the unboxing and returns processes as smooth and seamless as possible for busy buyers. E-commerce packaging design requires the careful selection of packaging materials, inserts and structural design features that can help to reduce damaged goods and food waste. (Enso, s.d.) Cheery on top. Corrugated cardboard besides fitting the description, is also an environmentally friendly packaging solution, another hot topic for consumer purchase –  Learn more in this eBook

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