Posted on Aug 2, 2019

Digital packaging is no longer a jack-in-the-box

Digital and packaging – A functional relationship

Packaging is a key element of winning at the first moment of truth: the point of sale. Like advertising, packaging not only puts forward the benefits of the product and builds equity but, when done well, it should also directly drive consumer purchase. But when we add digital to the equation it gets even more complex. Digital when combined with packaging, it offers a wide variety of benefits from creativity and connectivity to increased opportunities for brand-consumer interactivity. And it does require an integrated process to gain the most value. To keep it simple and straightforward, Digital packaging is:

Packaging created using digital technologies, including digital platforms, design and 3D software, digital print and digitally controlled production processes.

Packaging that features connective technologies, such as scannable glyphs, codes and images along with NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies, enabling the integration of packaging and digital content.

Packaging that is integrated into digital marketing making packaging a significant part of the digital marketing process, rather than a standalone entity. Using a digitally integrated workflow makes packaging a key part of digital marketing, encouraging brand-consumer interactions and providing an adaptable and measurable process. (Icon)

Digital opportunities for packaging

Today packaging is now playing a major role in guaranteeing an exchange of information in production, logistics and commerce. The rising demand for customized, safe and inexpensive products is continuing to drive the development of intelligent add-on functions. Consequently, manufacturers gradually could set their products apart from the competition through their packaging and to significantly rally their logistics processes. (Europe, 2019) - Get to know more in this eBook.

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