Posted on Aug 6, 2019

Corrugated cardboard - a 'chameleonic' box



Corrugated board is a prime material in the shipping, distribution and storage of practically every product. This material is produced out of renewable raw materials, which can be optimally integrated into cycles of valued substances. The packaging material connects effective product protection with very little material usage and low weight as well as their outstanding mechanical processability. Consequently, their economic and ecological advantages are linked perfectly. The good physical characteristics enhance an extensive range of applications due to the flute profiles and their combinations, with a market share of over 50%. (Kirtiraj K. Gaikwad, 2016)

Inkjet corrugated

Upward demand for customized packaging is a driver for further developments in digital print. Digital print on corrugated board is of great interest to the industry. Inkjet has the power to transform the corrugated printing industry, with faster turnarounds, lower waste and more profitable short runs. The use of wide-format and flatbed inkjet to print corrugated is well established, in the display sector inkjet onto corrugated board has become the de-facto method of choice for all but the highest volume applications where litho-lam (laminating litho printed sheets onto a corrugate flute and back liner) is the method used. There has been a blurring of the boundaries between display and secondary packaging, including shelf-ready, over the years and there is a significant amount of inkjet product in use since 2012. The performance of high-volume flatbed systems has steadily improved; using automation to load and unload sheets can boost annual productivity to between 2-5 million square meters of high-quality product annually. It is the arrival of single-pass systems, in web-to-print liner board and sheetfed-to-print corrugated boards that is changing the sector, however, and the inkjet share is rising rapidly. (Smyth)

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